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Barbara McMartin

Author, Environmentalist, Wife, Mother, Mathematician, Environmental Conscience

WHEREAS, Barbara McMartin began her environmental odyssey in the Adirondack Park at the time the Adirondack Park Agency was inaugurated; and

Whereas, for 33 years she courageously and unflinchingly expressed her concerns regarding the protection of the Adirondack Park Forest Preserve. To all that would listen Barbara most eloquently represented the natural systems of the Park with a voice that was strong, reasoned and unafraid. Barbara was always a reliable contributor and often an instigator of myriad task forces, committees and conferences dealing with issues Adirondack. Her comments were always germane, often from an unexpected perspective, and presented with passion; and

Whereas, Barbara applied her keen intellect to a wide variety of issues facing the Adirondack Park. Through public forums and her extensive and insightful writing, Barbara explored, explained and opined on all the major issues facing the Adirondack Park and Forest Preserve. She edited the Agency’s Citizen’s Guides in the 1980’s, and authored guide books to the Adirondack wild lands and histories of her beloved Adirondack region. Her prolific writing instructed many about the Park’s unique natural and cultural features, and invited and urged all to explore the unknown Adirondacks; and

Whereas, Barbara was a catalyst for thought, discussion and action. Barbara’s intellectual grasp of important issues facing the Park, her detailed research, and expert analysis inspired all to critically evaluate existing land management practices and modify them to better protect the natural resources of the Park; and

Whereas, Barbara was the chairperson for the Adirondack Park’s Centennial Celebration; and

Whereas, Barbara was a strong environmental conscience for the Adirondack Park. As an author and activist Barbara never shied from addressing controversial issues. Her passion, intelligence and diligence made her a formidable advocate for the Park and Forest Preserve. She made us all think more deeply about what we do, and challenged us to do better. Only part of her legacy are the books that she left us; the major part is the memory of her words calling us to action and providing a guiding spirit for protecting the Adirondack Park.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that it is recognized by all that Barbara McMartin devoted much of her professional career in tireless advocacy for the protection of the Adirondack Park and Forest Preserve through study and analysis, writing and speaking, and devotion to education. The Adirondack Park Agency pauses in its deliberations to remember an eminent scholar, a passionate advocate and a good friend. Barbara McMartin will be missed by all.

Resolved and unanimously adopted this 13th day of October, 2005.

Ross S. Whaley
Richard H. Lefebvre
Executive Director