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What does the Agency look for when reviewing a project?

Based on the three laws the APA administers (the APA Act; the NYS Freshwater Wetlands Act; and the NYS Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers System Act) , the Agency must determine whether the project would have "undue adverse impact" on the natural or public resources of the Park. This includes looking at the impact of the project upon such things as water quality, wetlands, wildlife, visual and open space resources, etc. The Agency must also take into account any economic or social benefits that might be derived from the project and impacts on local government services. In addition, the Agency will determine if the project is consistent with the Land Use and Development Plan; complies with the shoreline restrictions and is consistent with the overall intensity guidelines. APA publications pertinent to the Project Review Program are: The Adirondack Park Agency Act, APA Rules and Regulations and Development in the Adirondack Park.