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What is the APA’s jurisdiction in Villages and Hamlets?

The first thing to remember is that village boundaries do not necessarily correspond to the Hamlet Land Use Area according to the Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Plan Map and State Land Map. The best thing to do to find out if your property is in Hamlet is to call the Agency and consult with staff. (see also interactive mapping) Agency jurisdiction in Hamlet Land Use Area includes shoreline restrictions under section 806 of the APA Act, that includes shoreline cutting and subdivisions. Any impacts involving wetlands also involves APA jurisdiction and any structures in excess of 40 feet in height (lowest point of natural grade to highest point of structure). The Agency also has jurisdiction in the construction or maintenance of airports, watershed management, flood control projects and subdivisions involving 100 or more lot parcels or sites, or a greater than 25 percent expansion of any of these projects. Please check with Agency staff before undertaking any project by calling (518) 891 4050.