Adirondack Park Agency

Telecommunications Towers

This application applies to new or expanded telecommunications towers, antennas or other facilities. The application questions are appropriate for the various types of telecommunications towers projects. Portions of this Supplemental Information Request may be utilized for other applications concerning major public utility uses.

This Supplemental Information Request must be submitted with the General Information Request.

For additional information, see the Agency Towers Policy and the Visual Analysis Methodology.

This Telecommunication Approvals Authorization Form provides landowner authorization for application to the Adirondack Park Agency for currently proposed and/or future projects on the subject property.

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Supplemental Information Request Application Form for Telecommunication Towers

Additional Form

Major Project General Information Request Application Form

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Application Instructions for Major Project Permits



You can contact the APA at 518-891-4050 for assistance in determining what form you may need to fill out.