Adirondack Park Agency

Disposal of Uncontaminated Wastes from Maintenance and Construction Activities by Highway and Municipal Sewer and Water Departments (2002G-1RA)

This general permit/order is issued pursuant to Sections 809(13)(e) and 814 of the Adirondack Park Agency Act (Executive Law, Article 27) to provide a simplified process for State, county and municipal highway and municipal sewer and water departments to obtain a permit for the disposal of up to 5,000 cubic yards of allowable uncontaminated waste materials resulting from highway maintenance and construction activities. Specific approval must be obtained for each waste disposal area pursuant to the process established in this document and application and certification.

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General Permit 2002G-1RA - Application and Certification

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General Permit 2002G-1RA - 814 Order



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