Adirondack Park Agency

Minor project permit application hand book

This handbook is designed to assist you in completing the Application for a Minor Project Permit in the Adirondack Park. It explains why certain information is required, and will hopefully help you to efficiently provide the information that the Adirondack Park Agency needs in order to review your application and to make a decision on whether it should be approved.

A Minor Project Permit is required from the Agency for certain regulated activities within the boundaries of the Adirondack Park depending on the location of the proposed project.
A Minor Project is:
a) the division of land into two lots, parcels or sites, usually for the purposes of sale, lease or gift;
b) the construction of a single family dwelling on an existing or new lot; and
c) the installation of a mobile home on an existing or new lot.

If you do not know whether your Minor Project needs an Agency permit, you may call, write, or visit the Agency's Jurisdictional Inquiry Office in Ray Brook, NY before completing the Application and staff will assist you.

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Minor project permit application hand book



You can contact the APA at 518-891-4050 for assistance in determining what form you may need to fill out.