Adirondack Park Agency

Subdivisions Involving Wetlands (2011G-1)

The Subdivision Involving Wetlands General Permit (General Permit 2011G-1) is issued pursuant to Executive Law ยง 809(13)(e) and 9 NYCRR Part 572. The General Permit authorizes an expedited Adirondack Park Agency (Agency) review process for subdivisions involving wetlands that meet the eligibility criteria set forth below. Upon approval of a proposed subdivision pursuant to this General Permit, the subdivision may be undertaken and the lots may be developed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the General Permit, the approved subdivision map/plat, the certification issued for the specific project, and all development requirements established by the Adirondack Park Agency Act, the Freshwater Wetlands Act, the Wild, Scenic, and Recreational Rivers System Act, and Agency regulations.

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General Permit Application 2011G-1

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General Permit 2011G-1



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