Adirondack Park Agency

Minor Projects Not In or Impacting Wetlands (2005G-2R)

This general permit is issued pursuant to ยง809(13) of the Adirondack Park Agency Act (Executive Law Article 27) authorizing an expedited Agency review process for certain limited types of Class A or Class B regional projects subject to Adirondack Park Agency review. These projects involve construction of a single family dwelling, installation of a mobile home or undertaking a two-lot subdivision. The purpose of the two-lot subdivisions must be limited to creation of: i) residential lots containing existing single family dwellings or mobile homes, ii) lots to be developed by new single family dwellings or mobile homes, iii) non-building lots that are deed restricted, or iv) temporary two-lot subdivision into sites.

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General Permit 2005G-2R Application

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General Permit 2005G-2R



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