Adirondack Park Agency

State Land Minor Regulated Activities by NYS DEC in APA Jurisdictional Freshwater Wetlands (2005G-1R)

This general permit is issued pursuant to the Freshwater Wetlands Act (Environmental Conservation Law, Article 24) and the Adirondack Park Agency Act [Executive Law, Article 27, including Section 809(13)(e)] to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department), on conditions, for certain regulated activities on State land under the care and custody of the Department occurring in wetlands subject to Adirondack Park Agency (Agency) jurisdiction or in adjacent areas where the activities could substantially impair jurisdictional wetlands. Specific written approval must be obtained for each regulated activity pursuant to the process established in this permit.

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General Permit 2005G-1R Application

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General Permit 2005G-1R



You can contact the APA at 518-891-4050 for assistance in determining what form you may need to fill out.