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Jurisdictional Inquiry    (Do I need a permit?)

Jurisdictional Inquiry Form

Use this form to find out whether or not you need to apply for a permit.

Download form: Jurisdictional Inquiry Form (JIF)

Help Information

For more information on this topic, see the Property Owners section of our web site.

Shoreline Variance Application
Tower, Antenna   Permit Applications

See Also: General Permit Applications for additional expedited permit options related to towers.

General Permit Applications

General Permits authorize an expedited Agency review process for the following activities:

Activities Involving Towers

Activities Involving Wetlands

Other Activities

Permit Amendments

Permit Amendments

To request a non-material change to a recorded permit, submit all of the information listed on the Amendment Request Checklist.

Download form: Amendment Request Checklist

Freedom of Information

Acccess to Agency Records Application

Under the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) many Agency records are available for inspection. Some records are available on this website.

Download form: Application for Access to Records

Help Information

Detailed information is available on the Access to Records page.

Map Amendment

Map Amendment Application

Application to amend the Official Adirondack Park Land Use And Development Plan zoning map.

Download form: Map Amendment Application Form



Development projects in New York State

As with any development project in New York State, more than one permit may be required for your proposed activity. more...

Please check with other state agencies and your local town or village office about other regulations that may apply to your project.


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

New York State Department of Health


Before spending time filling out any forms, it's best to check with the APA to determine what forms may apply to your project.
For more help, contact us, or see
the Property Owners section, the Citizen's Guide, or documents in Flyers, Guidelines, or Laws, Regulations and Standards.

General help for downloading and printing forms.

Filling out forms as completely as possible will aid in a more timely review. For assistance in filling out your forms, please see the instruction booklets indicated in the descriptive list of forms.