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Applicant / Project Title: Mary Ann Morreale Trust
Comment Period Ends:   Thursday, January 13, 2022
APA Project ID: 2021-0069
Project Description: The action involves a three-lot subdivision of the lands comprised of Tax Map Nos. 57.-1-42 & 44.-1-16 to create a lot improved by a pre-existing dwelling, a vacant lot to be improved by a new single-family dwelling, and a vacant lot to be merged with Tax Map No. 57.-1-45.

Project Location:  County Route 10, Town of Day and Town of Corinth, Tax Parcel Nos. 44.-1-16, 57.-1-42, & 57.-1-45
Project County: Saratoga
APA Land Use Classification: Rural Use
APA Contact:  Emily O'Mahony
Adirondack Park Agency
P.O. Box 99
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Contact Person for Project: Mary Ann Morreale
705 County Route 10
Corinth, New York 12822
APA Project Type: Pursuant to Section 809 of the Adirondack Park Act and 9 NYCRR 578

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