SSURGO Soils Metadata

Source: The links below are for NRCS's metadata for county-wide SSURGO data.

Process: APA staff projected the data from DD, NAD83 to UTM ZONE 18, NAD83 and it was clipped to the 10-mile buffer around the Adirondack Park.

County Metadata file name
Clinton \Soils\ssurgo\clinton\metadata\clintonco_ssurgo.html
Oneida \Soils\ssurgo\oneida\metadata\oneidaco_ssurgo.html
Saratoga \Soils\ssurgo\saratoga\metadata\saratogaco_ssurgo.html
St. Lawrence \Soils\ssurgo\stlawrence\metadata\stlawrenceco_ssurgo.html