Adirondack Park Agency

  • APA 50th Anniversary Logo
    The New York State Adirondack Park Agency is celebrating 50 years of long-range public and private land use planning for the largest park in the continental United States.

  • June 2024 Adirondack Park Agency Board Meeting

    The Adirondack Park Agency (APA) will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, June 20th, 2024. The meeting will be held at the Agency’s headquarters in Ray Brook, NY. The public is welcome to attend in person or remotely.

    Public comment will be available to members of the public who attend the Agency meeting in person as well as those who participate remotely. To make public comment remotely, please email your name and the phone number to

    Those who sign up for public comment will be limited to three minutes each. Public comment will not be accepted on any agenda items that are before the Board.

    The draft agenda and meeting materials can be read on our Monthly Agency meetings page.

  • 2023 Annual Report

    The Adirondack Park Agency has released its 2023 annual report, which covers the Agency's actions and achievements from the last year. Highlights from the report include supporting the addition of 6,050 acres to the Forest Preserve, strengthening environmental protections through guidance for solar projects and battery storage systems, and resolving a long-standing policy issue regarding “No Material Increase” of roads.

    Read the full report here.

  • Important Website Access Information

    On December 8, 2021, New York State will upgrade security protections to our websites and applications. Access to government websites and applications will require the use of up-to-date and secure web browsers. If you are using an older web browser, you will need to upgrade to a current web browser prior to December 1.

    To verify that your browser meets the new requirements, visit the New York State Encryption Verification Website

    The following popular web browsers are among many capable of supporting up-to-date security protocols:

      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

      • Microsoft Edge version 12 and above

      • Google Chrome version 30 and above

      •  Mozilla Firefox 27 and above

      • Apple Safari 7 and above

      • Opera 17 and above