River Watershed
Data Summary

Table II.R.1 Summary table of data types and sources for the Oswegatchie/Black study area.

Coverage Type Source Scale or Resolution Year
wetland covertypes polygon APA/SUNY/OB I 1:58000 1985-86
watershed boundaries polygon APA/SUNY/OB I 1:24000 1946-90
upland cover (TM image classification) raster APA/SUNY/OB II approx. 1/4 acre per pixel 1992
1950 blowdown polygon APA/ALSC/OB II 1:250000 1950
1916 fire disturbance polygon APA/SUNY/OB II 1:126720 1916
State forest acquisition polygon APA/McMartin/OB II 1:177408 1994
1995 microburst storm (TM image classification) raster St. Lawrence University approx. 1/4 acre per pixel 1995
APA land use and development plan polygon APA 1:24000 1996
APA 1989 residential areas polygon APA 1:1200 to 1:9600 1989
bedrock geology polygon NYS G.S. 1:250000 1970
surficial geology polygon NYS G.S. 1:250000 1991
general soils raster APA and SCS 1:62500 1975
elevation raster USGS 1:250000 ca.1962
mean annual precipitation raster UNH/NOAA approx. 14.6 acres per pixel 1951-80
mean annual nitrate and sulfate deposition raster UNH/NADAP approx. 14.6 acres per pixel 1991
landscape disturbance composite polygon APA/OB II 1:250000 1997
bedrock ANC polygon NYS Museum/SUNY/OB II 1:250000 1997
soil parent material raster APA/SCS/OB II 1:62500 - 1 acre per pixel 1997
APA = Adirondack Park Agency
ALSC = Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation
McMartin = Barbara McMartin
NADAP = National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network
NOAA = National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
NYS G.S. = New York State Geological Survey
OB I = Oswegatchie/Black project Phase I
OB II = Oswegatchie/Black project Phase II
SCS = USDA Soil Conservation Service (Natural Resources Conservation Service)
SUNY = State University of New York at Plattsburgh, Remote Sensing Lab
USGS = U.S. Geological Survey
UNH = University of New Hampshire
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