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OB2 Final Report
Influences on Wetlands and Lakes in the Adirondack Park of New York State -- A Catalog of Existing and New GIS Data Layers for the 400,000 Hectare Oswegatchie/Black River Watershed
Table of Contents
Data Summary Table
Peatlands as Critical Wetlands
Peatland Field Data Sheet

Locator Map of Oswegatchie/Black River Watershed
Poster from OB2 Final Report
This image can be used as a graphic index, linked to the map images comprising the poster. This is a low resolution image. The actual poster size is approximately 35 by 41 inches.
Poster Abstract
Table from Poster of Adirondack Long Term Monitoring Waters Sorted by Acid Neutralizing Capacity
OB1 Final Report
Watershed Protection for Adirondack Wetlands: A Demonstration-Level GIS Characterization of Subcatchments of the Oswegatchie/Black River Watershed
GIS Data Layers:

The following data layers are divided into thematic groups as they appear on the final report poster. Links for each data layer lead to a graphic image of the data, to the topic in the final report, metadata when available, and to other related documents.

Vegetative Cover
Upland Land Cover from TM Data
Bedrock Geology
Surficial Geology
Bedrock Acid Neutralizing Capacity
General Soils -- Parent Material
Land Use
Adirondack Park Land Use & Development Plan
1989 Residential Areas
Watersheds and Adirondack Long Term Monitoring Waters
Mean Annual Precipitation (1951 to 1980)
Total Nitrogen Deposition
Landscape Disturbance
State Forest Acquisition
1916 Fire Protection
November 1950 Blowdown
Forest Damage Assessment of July 1995 Blowdown
Landscape Disturbance Composite (to 1950)
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