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Land Use and APA Land Classification

The following tables show land use and APA land classification for parcels in each town in the Adirondack Park. Listed, for example, are the number of seasonal residenial parcels in each land class zone for a given town. Total acreage is also listed for all combinations of land use and zoning.

Land use is determined by the Assessor's property class code in the Real Property System database for each municipality. Assessors assign this code based on the highest taxable use of each parcel. It's important to note that other uses may occur on each parcel. Only the highest taxable use is recorded.

Towns and villages are listed seperately in the county tables. Towns containing villages have "TOV" which means "Town outside village" following the town name. Parcel tablulations for these towns only include parcels outside any villages that are within the town. Villages are listed in the tables after the towns they are a part of. Some villages (Dannemora, Keeseville, Saranac Lake) are found in multiple towns and multiple counties.

Only private land parcels are tabulated in these tables. Many municipalities are partially within the Adirondack Park. Parcel statistics are calculated for the in-park portion of these municipalites.

Clinton County table (27 pages)

Essex County table (85 pages)

Franklin County table (30 pages)

Fulton County table (25 pages)

Hamilton County table (31 pages)

Herkimer County table (12 pages)

Lewis County table (7 pages)

Oneida County table (2 pages)

St. Lawrence County table (18 pages)

Saratoga County table (14 pages)

Warren County table (46 pages)

Washington County table (10 pages)



APA land classification

What do Resource Management or Low Intensity land classifications mean? Learn more about the purpose, factors and definitions of APA land classifications...


Additional Information on Adirondack Park Municipalities

Village, Town and County statistics, maps, and links are available...


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