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A little about the system --

The menu system is a set of ArcInfo AMLs running in Arcplot on a UNIX workstation designed by Adirondack Park Agency staff. 

System Features Include:

  • Search and map parcel ownership by any portion of an owner's name
  • Search and map parcels by tax map number
    • search from pick lists
    • retrieve and map ranges of tax map numbers
  • Find past APA transactions including permit review, jurisdictional inquiries, and enforcement locations
  • Find and map natural and cultural place names (populated places, streams, lakes, summits, etc.)
  • Identify features on maps by point and query including:
    • parcels
    • past projects
      • view record tracking dBase data
      • view document images
    • general soils
    • Natural Heritage Sites
    • Adirondack Lake Survey pond data
  • Select desired layers to be drawn on map display including:
    • vector data layers
    • raster layers such as
      • satellite imagery
      • geo-referenced tax maps
      • ERDAS files
  • Change map display scale and position
    • zoom in/zoom out/define box/pan map
    • zoom to municipality
    • zoom to 7.5 minute quad location
    • Data layer detail changes appropriate to map scale (e.g. only major roads and lakes are drawn when viewing whole park)
  • Measure length, area, or point location on the display
  • Query State roads for tenth mile marker position
  • Archive parcel as new Agency transaction location
  • Print map display in black and white at local laser printer, or in color at Agency plotter
  • Print parcel descriptive information including mailing addresses for adjacent parcels
  • Access system from icon on desktop PC (via office network to UNIX platforms), allows cut and paste of map graphics to PC applications.