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Forms and Instructions

Before spending time filling out any forms, it's best to check with the APA to determine what forms may apply to your project. For more help, see contact us, the Property Owners section, and the Fast Facts below.

Which Form Do I Need?
A descriptive listing of forms and their use.

An Alphabetical Listing of Forms and Instructions

Help for Downloading and Printing Forms


Fast Facts

The following documents will assist you in determining which forms you may need.
Citizen's Guide -- (CitizensGuide.pdf 370kb)
Rules and Regulations
-- (pdf 3.2MB)

Some common forms:
Jurisdictional Inquiry Form -- (46kb)
Minor Project Permit Application -- (181kb)
Minor Project Permit Applicant's Handbook

Filling out forms as completely as possible will aid in a more timely review. For assistance in filling out your forms, please see the instruction booklets indicated in the descriptive list of forms.

As with any development project in New York State, more than one permit may be required for your proposed activity. more...

Please check with other state agencies and your local town or village office about other regulations that may apply to your project.


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

New York State Department of Health


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