Adirondack Park Agency

Emergency Projects

Emergency projects are exempt from the Agency’s normal regulatory review process.  The circumstances under which land use or development will be considered an emergency project is set forth in section 572.15 of Agency regulations. 

An Emergency is defined as a specific event or condition which presents an immediate threat to life or property or a specific storm event or calamity that has been declared to be an emergency by federal or state officials.

An Emergency Project is defined as land use or development that is immediately necessary for the protection of life or property and that would otherwise require a permit, order or variance.

The Agency has two processes for responding to emergencies: the emergency certification, intended for documenting an immediate emergency response, and the emergency recovery authorization, intended for projects required to recover from an emergency. Requests for an emergency certification or an emergency recovery authorization should be submitted as soon as is safe and practicable to  The Agency will respond within two (2) days for emergency certification requests and five (5) days for emergency recovery authorizations.

Included below are a number of helpful Agency resources that should be consulted by applicants when an emergency occurs: