Adirondack Park Agency

State Land Program

The Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan (APSLMP) is the guiding document for the development and management of the State lands in the Park and can be viewed in its entirety

Primary activities frequently requiring advice of the State Land Program include:

  • review of unit management plans prepared by the DEC (and the Olympic Regional Development Authority under the authority of the DEC) for their consistency with the APSLMP;
  • consultation with the DEC concerning proposed State land projects, as well as review of past or ongoing State land projects and activities, for their consistency with the APSLMP;
  • classification of new State land acquisitions in the Adirondack Park;
  • production of the Adirondack Park State Land Map and regular updates of it to reflect new acquisitions and technical corrections;
  • interpretation and periodic revision of the APSLMP.


Fast Facts

Information about State Land in the Adirondack Park

Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan -- Word Accessible version -- PDF version
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