Adirondack Park Agency

Agency Administrative Policies

The Adirondack Park Agency policies provide the Agency and its staff documents that promote consistent execution of responsibilities, ensure adherence to law and rule, and reflect a commonly agreed upon way of doing business.  This page is currently under review and policies will be posted here as they are reviewed and updated. To obtain a specific policy, please contact us via email.

APA Policy & Guidance System -- AGENCY - 1

Agency Public Comment Policy -- AGENCY - 2

Review of Proposed Amendments to Agency-Approved Local Land Use Programs -- AGENCY - 5

Policy on Energy Supply, Conservation and Efficiency in the Adirondack Park -- AGENCY - 7

Review of Variances Referred to the Agency from Agency-Approved Local Land Use Programs -- LOCAL SERVICES - 1


The following documents commonly meet many needs.

Citizen's Guide -- (CitizensGuide.pdf 370kb)
Adirondack Park Agency Act
Rules and Regulations
Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan -- Word Accessible version -- PDF version

If you're not sure where to start, start with the Citizen's Guide. It should answer many questions or direct you to sources that will.

NYS Adirondack Park Agency Citizen's Guide


Other sources of information from New York State include:

the State Library
the State Museum
the State Archives
the Department of Environmental Conservation