Adirondack Park Agency

Resource Analysis and Scientific Services Unit

The Resource Analysis and Scientific Services staff provides the Agency with technical, analytic, and expert support in a variety of natural resource skills. These skills are used in support of Agency activities in such program areas as permitting, planning, legal, public relations, community and local government services, environmental education and interpretation and economic development. Staff makes expert determinations connected with professional engineering, water quality, soils, wildlife, and wetlands. The unit is also charged with most duties arising out of the Agency’s administration of the statewide Freshwater Wetlands Act within the Adirondack Park, including making wetland determinations, drafting regulations and permits, mapping, and testifying at public hearings.


Fast Facts

See additional projects involving RASS staff at the Agency's Research page.

RASS staff have provided direction and support for the Adirondack Park Invasives Plant Program. Visit their site at

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