Adirondack Park Agency

Overview of APA Advice and Services

The Agency provides several types of service to landowners considering new land use and development within the Park. These include:

Jurisdictional advice: The Agency will provide a letter informing a landowner whether a permit is needed for a new land use and development or subdivision, or whether a variance is needed from the shoreline standards of the Agency. In many cases the letter advises that no permit or variance is needed. This determination is often helpful in completing financing and other arrangements related to new development in the Park.

Wetland advice: The Agency will determine the location of regulated wetlands on a property or the need for a wetland permit.

Permit application: A landowner proposing new land use or development who knows an Agency permit is required may initiate a permit application without first receiving jurisdictional advice.

Changes to the Park Plan map: Agency staff will advise on criteria, boundaries, and the process for amendment of the Official map.